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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running fast


Walk through Arabianaffiliates’s settings to learn how it works


Arabianaffiliates integrates with a wide variety of systems

Affiliate Area

Everything about the Affiliate Area


Frequently Asked Questions about Arabianaffiliates


Useful WordPress shortcodes you can use with Arabianaffiliates


Stuck in the mud?

Paying Affiliates

Reward your affiliates with a payment


Award your affiliates with a commission

Pre-sale questions

Common presale questions


Still stuck? Have a pre-sale question?


Reports offer a wide range of data

Exporting / Importing Data

Get data in and out of Arabianaffiliates

Migrating to Arabianaffiliates

Migrating from your old system to Arabianaffiliates has never been easier

Account & Billing

Purchase Terms & Refund Policy

Pro Add-ons

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

Allow your affiliates to easily share generated referral URLs


Affiliate Landing Pages

Enabling Affiliate Landing Pages


Direct Link Tracking

Allow affiliates to link directly to your site, from their site, without an affiliate

Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms

Create the affiliate registration form you need using the power of Gravity Forms

Create the affiliate registration form you need using the flexibility of Ninja Forms

Custom Affiliate Slugs

Automatically generate custom slugs, or let your affiliates create their own

Lifetime Commissions

Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer

PayPal Payouts

Instantly Pay Affiliate Earnings from Your PayPal Account


Pushover Notifications

Send push notifications on new referrals to your affiliates!

Recurring Referrals

Track on-going referrals for subscription payments and membership plugins

Signup Referrals

Award commission when referred users sign up for a WordPress user account

Tiered Affiliate Rates

Reward your affiliates with higher commission rates

Official Free Add-ons

REST API Extended

Interact with your affiliate program using RESTful API endpoints

Affiliate Area Shortcodes

Provides shortcodes for each tab of the Affiliate Area

Affiliate Area Tabs

Add custom tabs to the Affiliate Area

Affiliate Info

Show information based on the affiliate’s referral URL

Affiliate Product Rates

Set product referral rates on a per-affiliate level

Allowed Products

Allows only specific products to generate commission

Checkout Referrals

Allows a customer to award a referral to a specific affiliate at checkout

External Referral Links

Allows affiliates to promote external WordPress-based pages

Force Pending Referrals

Force each referral to have a status of “pending” when created


Show a leaderboard of your top affiliates

Order Details for Affiliates

Allow affiliates to see order details on referrals they generated

Show Affiliate Coupons

Show affiliates tracked coupon codes assigned to them

Sign Up Bonus

Entice more affiliates to register by offering a sign up bonus

Store Credit

Pay your affiliates with store credit

Redirect Affiliates

Redirect affiliates to their affiliate area when they login

Developer Docs

Extending Arabianaffiliates

Extending core Arabianaffiliates functionality in a plugin or theme.


Documentation for v1 of the Arabianaffiliates REST API.

WP-CLI Commands

WP-CLI commands for Arabianaffiliates