Note: This article relates to the free Affiliate Product Rates add-on.

Setting per-product, per-affiliate referral rates with Affiliate Product Rates
For integrations that support per-product referral rates, Affiliate Product Rates takes this one step further and allows you to set per-product referral rates on a per-affiliate level. Affiliate Product Rates currently supports Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

Follow these steps to set up Affiliate Product Rates:

Install and activate the Affiliate Product Rates add-on
Ensure your integration with either Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce has been enabled in the Affiliates → Settings→ Integration tab
In the Affiliates → Affiliates screen, find the affiliate you wish to set per-product rates for. Click Edit in the Actions column to edit that affiliate’s account information
Affiliate Product Rates will add a new Product Rates section to the Edit Affiliate screen:

In the Product/s field, you can add any existing products for which you wish to set a specific referral rate. You can add one product or multiple products per referral rate/referral rate type. If you have multiple products per referral rate, the rate and type you set will apply to all of those products
In the Referral Rate field, enter the amount you would like to pay your affiliate
And then from the Type drop-down menu you can choose between a Flat Rate (specific dollar amount) or a Percentage
Click Update Affiliate and your changes will be saved. These referral rates and referral rate types will now only apply to this specific affiliate.

Note: This article relates to the free Affiliate Product Rates add-on.

Download the free plugin

Install and activate the plugin just as you would with any other WordPress plugin

Go to Affiliates → Affiliates, and click “edit” next to the affiliate you’d like to set up the specific product rates for.